Fancy a trip during the autumn half-term? A return trip to Ghent might just give you the energy you need to face winter head on. Walk or cycle through the city, take a break in a fun coffee shop or local cinema, stay the night in a hotel of your choice and don’t forget to visit a Ghent museum.

Let’s go and explore!

Autumn is the perfect season for a city break: the summer heat is gone, the greenery takes on all the colours of the autumnal palette and the days are long enough to do plenty of things. But as fun as adults think walking through a city is, kids usually think it’s very boring. Unless you make a challenge out of it! Ghent has a number of interesting city tours with little challenges along the way. The Fosfor the Dragon treasure hunt is a great example and it will teach you various things. The walk along Ghent street art may surprise you as well. Not in the mood to walk? Then rent a boat or a bike. De Fietsambassade is the place to be to rent bikes with child seats or even a freight bike. 

Find the warmth indoors

If you’re lucky, you can still enjoy mild, sunny days during the autumn half-term. Less lucky? Then there is still plenty to do indoors. You can, for example, visit a Ghent museum, and learn a thing or two about science, art or daily life. They often also have a special programme for children. Don’t want to miss Ghent’s most important masterpiece? Then take the time to discover one of the world’s most influential - and most often stolen - artworks, the Ghent Altarpiece, made by the Van Eyck brothers. During the AR tour, you will learn everything there is to know about the artwork and its eventful history. Want to get a taste of the Middle Ages? Then go and explore the Castle of the Counts, and take the funny audio guide by Wouter Deprez with you. You can get your shot of adrenaline from indoor activities such as wall climbing, bowling, paintball, escape rooms and more.  

Time to relax

Visiting a city is so inspiring that you need a break from time to time. And what better way to enjoy that break than with a drink and a snack? Family-friendly cafés and restaurants can be found on pretty much every corner in Ghent. A delicious waffle or piece of cake is always a good idea on a chilly autumn day, whilst on a late summer’s day, an ice cream may be a better idea. Fancy an extra quiet afternoon or night? Then go to one of Ghent’s cinemas to discover a new film.  


You’ve already figured it out, haven’t you? There’s enough to discover in Ghent. Are you planning to visit the city during the autumn half-term? Then make it at least a two-day visit and book an overnight stay in a charming place. You will find accommodations for the whole family in all shapes and formulas. From a luxurious hotel room in the historic centre to a refreshing night in an indoor - yes, indoor! - caravan near the water.