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This very varied walk starts in Ledeberg, one of the popular neighbourhoods of Ghent. Via the centre you'll pass a lot of addresses that are unique for Charlotte. Be surprised by a lot of greenery and relaxation in our city.


What do Charlotte Adigéry and Greta Thunberg have in common? Both were proclaimed Person of the Year in 2019 (Adigéry by Knack Focus, admittedly). After touring with a.o. Neneh Cherry & Young Fathers as support act, Charlotte has built up a very strong live reputation. Now the Ghent-based musician (with Caribbean roots) is in a musical whirlwind of her own creation: she performs electropunk with her band WWWater and released the electropop tinted Zandoli under her own name. Co-produced by Bolis Popul and released on DEEWEE, the record label of the Dewaele brothers.

Walk a mile in my shoes

9 km - 12000 steps

Ledeberg: my crib on the edge of Ghent. This place can hardly be summed up in one word or sentence. It is a colourful mix of all ages, cultures, families, accents,... A breath of fresh air in Ghent's city centre, but also a vibrant village. You'll find this joie de vivre in the many pubs on the Ledebergplein, certainly worth a pit stop before entering YOROI on the Brusselsesteenweg. A business specialising in bio-certified broth made from animal bones, as our great-grandparents used to do. Sounds a bit weird, but it really helps for all sorts of ailments such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis.

Continuing along the Brusselsesteenweg, you arrive at the Brusselsepoortstraat and bump into one of my favourite spots: Himalaya Exotic Market. The name reflects the shop, I guess, because you'll find a treasure chest of exotic products (from delicacies to beauty products). Stroll through the Zuidpark, one of Ghent's many green lungs. Your legs will then take you past the Muinkpark to the Botanical Garden and the adjoining Citadelpark. Stroll along Bijlokekaai and get lost in the city centre, all the way to Vrijdagmarkt. There you'll find the Serpentstraat, with a surprising number of hip food & drink spots. 

At Sint-Jacobs you'll find grocery shop Vits-Staelens, where you'll find a spice for everything! Also in a mini side street of the Vrijdagmarkt: petit Paris or simply the bar Gitane. A little further on: what's in a name, the Moroccan-inspired courtyard of Uit Steppe en Oase is an oasis of peace in the middle of the bustling Jan Breydelstraat. If you have a few more kilometres in your legs, continue along the Prinsenhof, via the Rabotpark and finish at Abooov Adanaci, a Turkish grill where I enjoy a kebab. End your day in bliss: with your Turkish sandwich on a bench at the Houtdok, enjoying the sunset.


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