Good to know

Walk with a focus on shopping and sustainability. Right through the heart of the city, with many attractions on the route.

Lingerie designer and photographer

What's in a name? A resounding name like Murielle Victorine Scherre (1977) sticks. Almost 18 years after the launch of her own no nonsense lingerie label La Fille d'O (°2003), the Ghent entrepreneur keeps reinventing herself. She created a brand free of aesthetic, technical or economic compromises. Scherre put her eventful life path on paper with, among others, L'Amateur (2014), but also created a furore as a filmmaker and photographer.

Walk a mile in my shoes

10 km - 15 500 steps

Ghent is chaos. This place is all-in-one and preferably a lot. Ghent jumps like colourful weeds between all the tiles of structure. Start your day with a ginger tea at Het Moment before strolling down Burgstraat and the cosy Jan Breydelstraat - certainly in Atelier Ecru, Just Hazel and The Fallen Angels.

At the Canal of Lieve lies - what else! - Eetkaffee De Lieve, where authentic Flemish cuisine is served. Every time again I like the fork that very casually keeps the door open - what feels more welcome than a door that is always open? After your lunch, discover the cobbled streets and hidden spots of Oudburg, along the Baudelopark and stop by the packaging-free shop OHNE.

The trendy pink building of ramen restaurant Golden Gai brightens up Dampoortstraat - a short pit stop for a piece of matcha cake is a must! Then pop into the Kringloopwinkel for some vintage finds. Speaking of, you must have seen the vintage camera collection of Fotoshop a bit further down the street. Walk along the Lousbergkaai to the Zuid Region to the iconic Vooruit. If you have time (and a heart for slow fashion), don't miss Think Twice. On the Lindenlei you'll also find Nucleo, a non-profit organisation that transforms vacant spots in Ghent into affordable studios for local artists. Our day ends at the Vrijdagmarkt, with a dinner in the Keizershof followed by an apéro on Bar Lume's sunny terrace. Tjing!