Ghent proves that autumn and winter are anything but gloomy. The city is bursting with conviviality, life and light, which can be taken literally at night, as the Ghent Light Plan walk immerses the city in a well-designed evening glow.

Illuminating activities

Ghent has a lot to offer in the dark. Top of the list is, without a doubt, the Ghent Light Plan walk: a meticulously mapped out route in two loops along illuminated buildings and monuments. It’s the perfect autumn or winter activity, because you can start your walk a little earlier in these seasons. Other activities worth doing are visiting monuments such as the Belfry and watching the sunset over the city from up high. But dining by candlelight is also a wonderful activity after dark, just like visiting an informative museum such as the Ghent University Museum to learn something new. 

Events that give colour to autumn

During the annual Night of Darkness, all lights will be dimmed so you can enjoy the starry night sky to the fullest. Every Wednesday and upon reservation, you can let your eyes wander in Armand Pien Public Observatory, right in the city centre. The first Thursday of the month, many Ghent museums are also open until ten o’clock in the evening and during the Ghent Museum Night you can explore these museums until midnight, free of charge. In 2011, Ghent also pioneered a Light Festival, which has since become a huge triennial ode to light art in the city. Need more reasons to travel to Ghent? Film Fest Gent, the Lotto Six Days of Ghent, Winter in Ghent, and we could go on and on.

Warm up with some food and drinks

You have probably already noticed that in the colder, darker months, your body needs different fuel. No fresh salads, but hot meals giving you the necessary energy to warm up. A good old classic stew, a gastronomic dinner (preferably by candlelight), a nice cup of coffee with a pastry or a pancake is all you need to be content in winter.