A city break in spring allows you to discover a city shaking off the cold and slowly reviving. Outdoor cafés open up, streets start waking up and greenery is blossoming again. In spring, Ghent is a playground for people of all ages, for culture lovers and bon vivants.

Ghent parks and gardens

Winter is finally over and the sun is shining again. Feel like dusting off your picnic basket? There are plenty of spots in Ghent where you can lay down a blanket and enjoy the blossoming greenery. So, be sure to plan a visit to a lovely Ghent park or garden during your city break.

Spring events

No more winter lulls: every year in spring, there is a lot to do in Ghent. There are events honouring music, as well as activities taking your taste buds on a journey. Check the offer and tailor your visit to Ghent to your taste. 

Delights to discover

Spring is the best season to enjoy a drink at an outdoor café in Ghent: watching people pass by in the first rays of sunshine. Fantastic. If the weather is a bit changeable, you can have a drink at a covered outdoor café or visit an indoor food market. Taking a break, eating, having a drink: simple and good.

Indoor and outdoor to-dos

It’s a dead giveaway, but: Ghent never gets boring. If the weather is nice, spring is the perfect time to walk, cycle, discover street art, rent a boat, you name it. Visiting the Sunday flower market is also a must, especially with the first splashes of spring on offer. But you can also shelter from the rain at an exhibition or other indoor activity.

Happy kids

A trip to Ghent is a great idea with any type of company: on your own, with your partner or a friend, but also with your kids. There are plenty of things to do in the city for families, whether you like action and exercise, culture and art or casual relaxation. From taking a dive at the local recreation area to a visit to a brand-new spring exhibition: take your pick!

Spending the night in Ghent

As you can read, you need more than one day in Ghent. So, be sure to book an overnight stay in a hotel or B&B in or around the city to spend a couple of days here.