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Ghent has big chain stores next to authentic boutiques, trendy shops next to traditional ones. They are located at walking distance in the largest pedestrian shopping precinct of Flanders. The shops are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Made in Ghent

Made in Ghent: mode van Gentse ontwerpers

We already mentioned that Ghent is a rising star when it comes to fashion stores but this also applies to Ghent’s designers.

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Vintage and retro

Vintage en retro Gent

‘Ghent’ rhymes with ‘trend’. One of the most striking trends that Ghent was quick to capitalise on is the vintage trend.

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Dok Noord

Dok Noord Gent

Just north of Dampoort, a new commercial and shopping centre is being erected at a former industrial site.

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What's On

Where is it?


Gent Belfort
Above the Ghent skyline towers the Old Belfry, lonely and grey, an iconic symbol of the past.
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