When you say Ghent, you think Ghent Altarpiece. After all, the two are inextricably linked. Ghent is the city where Van Eyck painted his world-famous masterpiece and where for the past six centuries, millions of visitors have gathered from all over the world to admire the altarpiece. In 2020, Ghent is celebrating Jan Van Eyck and the Ghent Altarpiece with a special festive year full of events and activities for everyone to enjoy. Van Eyck was here. And will be here to stay. Will you?

Experience the Ghent altarpiece

Visit us in 2020 for the full experience. Tantalise all your senses. See the colours featured on the Ghent Altarpiece come to life in magical spectacles. Get carried away by the scents of the flowers and plants featured in the work during the Ghent Floralies. Or better even: taste them in one of the city's top-notch restaurants. Feel the intricate brocade or solid oak wood in contemporary designs. Listen to angelic music from the 15th century brought to life or reworked into modern compositions.

Visual arts, theatre, dance, design, fashion, gastronomy, music and even shopping ... For a whole year, everything in the city will be a nod to Van Eyck and his impressive masterpiece. Come to Ghent.

“Van Eyck is ours”

The Ghent altarpiece belongs in Ghent. Although the van Eyck brothers were commissioned by Joost Vijd and Elisabeth Borluut to paint the masterpiece, it was actually meant for the people of Ghent,  who have been able to admire this world-famous work of art in their St Bavo’s Cathedral for six centuries.

In 2020, Ghent will show its visitors that van Eyck left a mark on the city that is still visible today. After all, the Ghent altarpiece is so much more than just a piece of world heritage. It’s a living icon that continues to fascinate and inspire. Van Eyck’s legacy is omnipresent in the city and is part of the DNA of the people of Ghent. It is therefore not surprising that the proud citizens of Ghent will be launching numerous initiatives in 2020 to celebrate their Ghent altarpiece and their great master Jan van Eyck.

Smakeleyck, smullen als Van Eyck

Tijdens het themajaar 'OMG! Van Eyck was here' komt de Vlaamse meester niet enkel tot leven in de stad maar kan je ook bij lokale handelaars en de Gentse horeca het Van Eyck-jaar zien, horen maar vooral proeven. 

OMG! Van Eyck Was Here Magazine #1

During the entire year of 2020, Ghent will be hosting OMG! Van Eyck was here. In the first magazine you discover everything about Van Eyck, The Mystic Lamb and the festive program for the year 2020.

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