Although COVID-19 seemed to be a spoil sport for a while, the Van Eyck year is still very much alive. In fact: the Ghent theme year is even extended by six months! The crammed program that was supposed to have made 2020 a celebration is now running until the spring of 2021. Thanks to the Van Eyck Year XXL, you can enjoy many fantastic projects in and around the city until the end of June next year!

What to do now

There won’t be no far journeys this summer, but that doesn't mean it will be a boring holiday. On the contrary, with the many Van Eyck activities planned in Ghent, a trip to Ghent has never been so much fun! Discover the highlights of the summer here.

Coming soon

OMG! Van Eyck was here: just like Ghent: too much for one day. Put these activities in your diary, because soon you will be able to find even more Van Eyck in the city!

Changed or extended dates

Many activities that would normally take place in the coming weeks and months have already been postponed to the autumn of 2020. Thanks to the extension of the theme year, the program can be better spread out and organisers now have the opportunity to hold their event in the spring of 2021. In addition, many partners are looking into the possibility of extending or resuming their activity. Discover here the changed dates that are already known. Check our website regularly for new updates.